Carrie Underwood’s sassy "Dirty Laundry" now has an edgy music video to match, and the artist is taking fans on set to see how it all came together.

Underwood explains in a new behind-the-scenes feature the concept behind the music video, which she said she didn’t want to be too literal in its interpretation.

“It’s just all about emotion,” she shares when discussing the individuals who came in to film scenes one-on-one with the camera. “It’s not following the storyline too much, which is something I really didn’t wanna do. It’s a little more abstract than that."

The song itself is more dismissive than the revenge song “Before He Cheats,” for example, but that’s what Underwood liked about it.

“That’s not a new story — you know, lipstick-on-your-collar kind of story — but it’s just done in such a nonchalant way. It’s not so angry, it’s not too, like ‘I’m gonna get revenge,’” she says. “It’s more like, ‘I’m over it, I don’t care, I’m done.’"

The "Dirty Laundry" video reflects that attitude in its black-and-white cinematography and the intense, but resigned looks the other actors give in their frames. The wardrobe, she says, is inspired by menswear in one look, even featuring Underwood wearing suspenders — but backwards.

“I break the rules,” she declares dramatically in one candid clip about her outfit.

“Dirty Laundry” is Underwood’s most recent single from her Storyteller album and is climbing the charts. The artist is slated to host the 2016 CMA Awards with Brad Paisley for the ninth year running on Nov. 2. It will be the event’s 50th anniversary.

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