How the time flies! Carrie Underwood was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry on March 15, 2008, with Randy Travis surprising her on stage. But was she really surprised?

That's just one of eight observations we had re-watching this moment, courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry's Facebook page. Underwood was just 25 and not even three years removed from winning American Idol. Based on the context of her convo with Travis, she'd just performed "I Told You So," a hit for Travis in 1988 that they'd later release as a duet to country radio.

In a word, one would describe this late-00s Underwood as youthful. Her smile was playful. Her charm almost naive. The singer oozed personality through the end of the video, but it was an honest personality that included smiles and laughter, tears and vulnerability.

The audience also stars in this list. Do you remember what kind of phone you were relying on in 2008? Remember, this is just months after the release of the very first iPhone. Not to be hateful, but we also have some fashion questions... but we'll get there. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. Underwood would go on to be inducted on May 10, 2008, during a ceremony that also featured Garth Brooks and Vince Gill.

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