Carrie Underwood says "Heartbeat" is the most real love song she's ever helped write. The collaboration with Sam Hunt is an R&B flavored diversion on Storyteller, and in this video exclusive to Taste of Country she talks about how personal it is.

“I don’t do typically do very many love songs. But ‘Heartbeat,’ when we were writing it, there was something so real about it,” Underwood says of a song she wrote with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley. “That’s definitely, in some ways, that’s me. It’s my story.”

Both Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are celebrities in their respective fields, and because of that they're invited to countless social engagements, in addition to events and time she spends with real friends and family. While she doesn't say she's weary of her active calendar, she admits it's not what she craves.

“I’m the kind of person, I just want to be alone, with him, and be one on one," Underwood says. That sentiment is capture perfectly and effortlessly on "Heartbeat."

“Tonight I wanna drive so far and only find static on the radio / We can’t see those city lights and I like the way you look in firefly glow / Saying everything without making a sound / A cricket choir in the background / Underneath the harvest moon / Standing on your shoes in my bare feet / Dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat.”

Fans who are tired of all the demands of modern-day life may agree with what Underwood's preaching in "Heartbeat," song No. 4 on Storyteller.

“Sometimes we just need to get back to what’s simple, and what’s real," she says. Look for the album in stores and online starting Friday (Oct. 23).

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