Carrie Underwood has her older sisters to thank for her love of getting dolled up. Because Underwood's siblings were 10 and 13-years-old when she was born, she was lucky enough to become their "human Barbie doll." Underwood tells Marie Claire, "I thought they were the coolest with their big '80s hair. They would dress me and put makeup on me. That's where my love affair with makeup started. I'm a total makeup junkie!"

The country star was just 4-years-old when her oldest sister moved out of their home. Even though they have a big age difference, she says her siblings have always been there for her.

Underwood also reveals that her fascination with hair started at an early age, as well. She would dump a bunch of gel in her bangs to achieve just the right look. She remembers her mom did not appreciate or understand her "crunchy bangs," and the country star says her response to her mom was, "Whatever -- you're not cool."

As for her beauty routine on the road, the most difficult thing that Underwood has to deal with is her hair. She says, "I'm in random water systems all over the place -- hard water, soft water, whatever. And heaven forbid you have to shower on the bus, because that's like garden-hose water." The 'Temporary Home' singer adds, "By the time I get off tour, I'll go get a hair treatment and the person will be like, 'Where have you been? Your ends are green and up here you have some orange going on.' You just pray it will all hold up during a tour and then you can go get it fixed afterward."

Underwood is enjoying some time off in Nashville with her husband right now, and her next show is not until May 1 in Indio, Calif. at the Stagecoach Festival.

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