Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's lives are hectic, between her country music career and their two young sons — but they always, always make time for each other. In a new interview, the singer says she's got a strict daily schedule that allows the couple some relaxing together time every night.

“I put the kids down and we sit and watch Investigation Discovery or something and drink wine,” Underwood tells Parade. Elsewhere in the interview, the star shares that that glass of wine, along with a morning workout and coffee, are daily necessities.

"I do need to work out and my husband does know that I need that in my life. Even if it’s just a short workout in the morning, he’s like, ‘Oh I know you’re happier when you work out,’ and I’m like, ‘I know!’" Underwood explains. "I’m the kind of personality that likes to feel like I’ve gotten something accomplished and when I work out, it’s like I’ve accomplished something today. So the rest of my day, I’m just in a better mood."

Underwood knows she's not alone in struggling to balance her daily to-dos — "It's like many working moms, only my job's a little more random," she admits — and it's her fans who make her feel like she's just like everyone else in that respect.

“We all have our things. We all have our own individual struggles. We all have our stress. We’re all trying to do the best in our careers and be the best mom, wife, best friend," Underwood muses. "Whatever your goals are in life, we’re all just juggling.”

Underwood should get some extra relaxation time in 2020, after an especially busy 2019. Last year, she spent most of her time on the road for her Cry Pretty 360 Tour, but she has not announced a 2020 trek yet. Underwood also co-hosted the 2019 CMA Awards, a job from which she will step down in 2020, and gave birth to her second son, Jacob Bryan, in January.

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