In a few years, Isaiah Fisher will be a pro with a bow and arrow. Carrie Underwood's 3-year-old son is taking lessons from daddy and learning to bow hunt, and Mike Fisher seems to be a patient teacher.

“Eye on the target," Fisher writes alongside an early June picture that shows not only how big Isaiah is getting, but also how he looks so much like his father.

It's moments like this that are sure to happen more and more now that Fisher has officially retired from hockey to spend more time with his dear family. In a lengthy social media letter on May 21, shortly after announcing his re-retirement, Underwood's husband of nearly eight years admitted he's "so grateful" for his time as a hockey pro.

"I got the chance to play and work with so many incredible people along the way. God taught me some incredible life lessons through the game of hockey over the years and without the gift He gave me none of this would have been possible," he says.

Knowing Fisher, though, he's likely looking forward to being there for his wife as the country superstar returns to the spotlight to continue pursuing her dreams. The coming months will bring a brand new album called Cry Pretty in September, and a tour is likely to follow.

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