Carrie Underwood hit the 'TODAY' show stage Wednesday morning (Aug. 15) to perform a trio of hits. She made a bright and sunny New York City morning even brighter and sunnier with her smile and voice, tearing through both the title track and 'Good Girl' from her most recent No. 1 album 'Blown Away,' as well as her biggest hit, 'Before He Cheats.'

Before launching into the provocative 'Blown Away,' Underwood chatted with host Matt Lauer, explaining how she is usually a homebody, so when she goes on tour, she makes the bus as homey as possible, complete with her dogs running around.

The blonde starlet looked stunning in a sparkly champagne-colored, figure-hugging top and crisp white, metallic shorts, showing off her killer gams. But when she nailed those end notes from 'Blown Away,' it gave us chills. The girl can sing and she showed it in New York City this AM.

During 'Good Girl,' she engaged the crowd by walking out onto the stage plank, which dips into the crowd, so she was surrounded by fans while she sang. The throng of adoring people who were lucky enough to catch the performance were happy to have her get that close.

Once again, another top notch live performance from country music's 'Good Girl.'

Watch Carrie Underwood Perform 'Good Girl'

Watch Carrie Underwood Sing 'Before He Cheats'

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