Make no mistake about it, the newest video released by the Robertson sisters -- Carter's Chord -- is meant to inspire you. After a trip to Guatemala, where the singing trio witnessed heartbreaking poverty, they penned this moving tune and teamed up with World Vision, a charitable organization that recruits Good Samaritans to sponsor children in impoverished communities.

The video was shot partly in the Dominican Republic, where World Vision has had success in starting educational programs and assistance that will help give the locals a better life.

“We chose to partner with World Vision because we really believe in what they do as a company and wanted to do something through our music that would reach people on a global level,” Emily said (courtesy of Great American Country). “Our partnership with World Vision allows us to play our music while also sharing with our fans how they can help a child in need.”

The sisters Robertson come by their talent honestly. Both of their parents sang in Waylon Jennings' band during his outlaw years. In an interview with Taste of Country last year, they agreed that the best advice they've received from country music vets is to stay true to yourself and make music that you're proud of. Judging by this latest video, Carter's Chord is doing just that.

Watch the Carter's Chord 'Love a Little Bigger' Video