It's a boy for country couple Emily Robertson (of Carter's Chord) and Marc 'Butter' Fortney (formerly of Trailer Choir). The pair welcomed their first child, Tug Ryder Fortney, into the world on October 16, the proud new father tells Taste of Country.

Little Tug weighed 7 pounds and measured 20 inches long at birth. While he was not named after anybody in particular, Mom and Dad thought the name sounded cool enough to give to their first-born.

"We loved the name Tug," Marc Fortney tells Taste of Country. "Obviously, Tug McGraw is the only Tug we know, and I am a huge baseball fan, so it just worked for him."

"Butter" says fatherhood is "way bigger" than he ever expected it to be. "I'm a pretty big dreamer and wide thinker, and it exceeded anything I could be ready for," he says softly. "It's something sweeter than I ever thought it could be and feel like."

So, what's the biggest surprise that comes with having a baby? "How many diapers he can go through," laughs the country artist, who quickly adds that he is "a changer" -- second in command to his wife. "I'm the second diaper changer. You know how you have a producer? Well I'm the second engineer!"

While Fortney is no longer with Trailer Choir, he's celebrating his first outside cut as a songwriter with the release of Toby Keith's new record, 'Hope on the Rocks,' this week. He, Keith and Bobby Pinson penned one of the album's 10 tracks, a tune called 'Cold Beer Country.' Since Trailer Choir dissolved, Fortney has been working hard on writing songs for his upcoming project, Rattlecan.

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