Country party duo Trailer Choir have everything you need for a perfect summer party in their new "Ice Cold Summer" video. Music? Check. Pretty girls? Check and check. A pool and cold drinks? You got it. Tacos? Not just tacos, but Mas Tacos Por Favor, a well-known food truck in Nashville.

Watch how it all comes together in this exclusive Taste of Country premiere. Big Vinny (Vinny Hickerson) commandeers the truck after they shut down early on him and his bandmate Butter (Marc Fortney). The baseball cap-wearing member of the group says the song and video remind him of his ideal backyard party. Vinny agrees.

"This song is the most fun you can have in 3 minutes," he tells ToC. "The video feels like Kenny Chesney had a backyard party with Smash Mouth and invited the Spice Girls.”

"Ice Cold Summer" is Trailer Choir's second release on Average Joe's Entertainment. "Better With a Beer" was featured on the most recent Mud Digger compilation album. Previously, the duo found success with songs on Toby Keith's record label. Their highest charting single was "Rockin' the Beer Gut" from 2009, but "Off the Hillbilly Hook" is their most well-known song. At that time they performed as a trio with Crystal Hoyt. She left the group in 2011, the same year Big Vinny competed on The Biggest Loser on NBC.

Try to spot a cameo appearance from Bucky Covington in the "Ice Cold Summer" music video. Butter's wife Emily (formerly of Carter's Chord) also appears. The clip was directed by Keith Johnson. "Ice Cold Summer" was written by the duo with help from Brandon Roy Tant and Skidd Mills.

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