And baby makes three! Just four weeks after tying the knot with Todd Bray, former Trailer Choir frontwoman Crystal Hoyt is expecting!

Hoyt and Bray took to social media to announce their pregnancy with this precious photo, already giving fans a sneak peek at the cute style their kid will be sporting. And with the couple recently joining forces in marriage and in music, it looks like they may be expecting Baby Bray to be a part of the fun, too.

"@imwithtodd are I are ecstatic!!" Hoyt writes in her Instagram caption. "We were BOTH told over the years that it may not be medically possible for this to happen for u s... So we are beyond thrilled to announce that we will become the 'Bray Trio' in 2015!!! Please join us in welcoming to the family Baby Bray!!"

With the announcement of their new baby, Hoyt and Bray are rounding out a year of new possibilities, endeavors and adventures. Not only did they recently wed, but the power couple also released their first single as the Americana-country duo Second Hand Soul on Aug. 26. With three months still left in 2014, who knows what exciting things are up next for them!

In recent weeks, both Eric Church and Clara of the Henningsens have revealed new babies on the way, while several others have added new additions.

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