Clara Henningsen of family band the Henningsens and her husband are expecting their first child, due in March.

The singer and husband Jacob Calaway made the announcement on Tuesday (Sept. 30) via social media, breaking the news with a truly adorable photo. Henningsen and her hubby are pictured amidst a perfect autumn scene, sitting on top of a hay bale with pumpkins and mums stacked around them. Propped up against the hay is a chalkboard with the words "We are adding a sweet pumpkin to our patch" written on it.

The country singer, who got married May 2013 on her parent's farm in Illinois, is really seeing her dreams come true. "My dream is to be a singer. My desire is to be a mother and a wife. I love God. I love my family," her Twitter profile reads. As a wife, mama-to-be, and band member, she's living the dream -- and she's still in her early 20s!

Before they were married, the couple had to work through a long-distance relationship, which wasn't easy. “Jacob and I spent the first year and a half of our relationship long distance. We would go two months without seeing each other," Henningsen said previously. "It wasn’t easy, but it kind of prepared us for the future. We know there will be times we won’t see each other for a while. But that’s okay. Our love is strong and we are so blessed to have found each other. I am so happy to be married!”

Congratulations to Henningsen and her hubby on their future bundle of joy!

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