Family trio the Henningsens have debuted the 'I Miss You' video, detailing a song that speaks of lost love that can't be gained back. And the verdict? It's slightly ghostly, really beautiful and deeply heartbreaking.

Most of the footage takes place in an abandoned soda shop. Abandoned, as in, cobwebs covering the booths, salt and pepper shakers, and people. Yes -- people. There are customers in the store, but it's almost like they're playing a game of freeze tag, completely frozen in time.

One man (apparently Clara Henningsen's former love) has his arm outstretched. Another man is opening a tiny box with a diamond ring, ready for the adoring gaze of its receiver. Even more disturbing is a woman still sucking up the last swallows of a milkshake. There are other characters too, including a little boy with his mother, frozen during their mother-son date.

As viewers take this all in, little sister Henningsen is shown, singing to the camera, eyes veiled with pain and sadness. There's also a few shots of the full band, including the other two members, singing in an alley. The singer looks beautiful in a flowing white dress, while her father Brian and brother Aaron sing their perfect-pitch harmonies in the background.

The feeling of the entire video is gloomy and a bit darker than we're used to from the trio, but it's a really beautiful depiction of the song. There is eventually a glimpse of hope as some of the frozen characters begin to 'wake up,' but as Henningsen sits across from her lost love and rests her face in his frozen hand, she realizes that all she'll ever do is miss him -- he won't be coming back.

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