Country duo Trailer Choir made two brothers very happy at FrogFest in New York State on June 13, when the band invited Tom and Chris Hogan up on stage to perform alongside them. The twin boys, who have Down Syndrome, got to join the band for most of the performance of “Rockin’ the Beer Gut,” and it must have been one of their favorites.

The Hogans knew every word to the tune, not to mention some pretty slick dance moves to go along with it. One brother, who was not shy about sharing a mic with Marc "Butters" Fortney, even gave "Big Vinny" Hickerson a run for his money with his dance skills — including a particularly impressive Worm. Not to be outdone, Hickerson joined in, and the two had a Worm-off right on stage.

The brothers were clearly ecstatic to get to be on stage with a band they obviously love, pumping up the crowd until the very last note. The dance-machine brother gave each member a hug before they both exited the stage and fans erupted in applause.

“That might be my favorite memory we’ve ever made,” Hickerson said in earnest as the twins walked off. The band seemed to have just as much fun as the young fans — maybe even more.

According to Big Frog 104, the boys are regular attendees of FrogFest and celebrated their birthday just a few days before the special performance.

Trailer Choir, who first gained recognition in 2007 when they were signed to Toby Keith’s Show Dog-Universal label, is currently on the Taste of Nashville tour with Locash and several other artists. Unfortunately Hickerson, whom reality TV buffs may recognize from 2011’s The Biggest Loser, took a spill at a festival June 27 and broke his foot. He managed to still finish the set, though, not to mention three encores. The injury may put a bit of a damper on future dates, but will not mean cancellations, according to his Twitter.

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