Despite dropping an astonishing 184 pounds as a contestant on 'The Biggest Loser' this season, Trailer Choir's Big Vinny (born Vincent Hickerson) didn't win the title. He initially weighed in at 426 pounds, and on the season finale, he had trimmed down to a much more manageable 242 pounds (see the transformation photos above). That's a victory in and of itself, especially for his health.

Hickerson, who should probably lose the name 'Big Vinny' at this point, didn't just shed weight. He also built muscle mass, meaning his rapid weight loss wasn't as damaging to his body as it could have been. It's stressful on the body to lose that much weight in a short span of time, but Hickerson appears to have taken careful measures.

More before-and-after photos of the musician are viewable here, and he looks like an entirely different person, albeit a healthier one.

Hickerson also revealed to The Boot that he decided to get in shape after being diagnosed with Type II diabetes on Super Bowl Sunday in February. He admitted that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but feared she might not accept due to his health issues. So he rolled up his sleeves, eschewed the brownies and French fries and decided to get healthy.

He said, "I knew I was in love with my girlfriend, and knew I wanted to ask her to marry me, but I was too scared to do that because of where I had gotten with my health. So I said, 'I gotta do something, I gotta lose weight.' Two days later, sure enough, [a former contestant] who is a friend of mine called me and said, "Hey, you should be on 'The Biggest Loser,'" and I said, "Hey, I think I will." Mainly, it's the fact that I need to make my health better and I need to focus on the rest of my life, as opposed to being this 400-pound break-dancer who was going to die in two years."

Since then, the couple have in fact gotten engaged. Congrats to 'Big Vinny' on looking good, feeling better and having a wedding to look forward to.

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