Crystal Hoyt says she’s home and trying to rest after spending most of Thursday in the emergency room. The pregnant singer reveals she was experiencing pre-term contractions caused by dehydration, which resulted in a trip to the hospital.

A virus may have brought on the contractions, Hoyt shares in an Instagram post. The former Trailer Choir singer is approaching her due date. Two weeks ago she shared a picture from the studio, in which she said she was nine months pregnant. She and husband Todd Bray announced they were expecting last October.

“After 3 bags of fluids and meds, Baby Ryman and I are back home,” Hoyt writes. "Just trying to make sure to MAKE myself take it easy now, and fully recover."

In the post she also reveals that the baby’s name will be Ryman Marshall Bray. Hoyt and Bray married in August 2014 — her Instagram page serves as a scrap book for their relationship, from their first meeting and photoshoot together, to their marriage and now a baby. As Second Hand Soul, the couple record and perform around Nashville. They released an EP last summer. They also released a music video for a song called "More Than Jesus."

The roots-based style of that song is a contrast to the music she made with Vincent "Big Vinny" Hickerson and Marc "Butter" Fortney as part of Trailer Choir. The trio was known for their party anthems like "Off the Hillbilly Hook." Their only Top 40 hit was "Rockin' the Beer Gut" from 2009.

The baby will by Hoyt's first.

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