'Crying on a Suitcase' is one of two songs on Casey James' self-titled debut that the singer didn't help write, but the song doesn't suffer from any lack of personal connection. It's a more straightforward, mainstream country song than his previous single 'Let's Don't Call It a Night,' which leaned more toward soul or blues. James' delivery here is appropriately urgent.

"Tell her that you want her, need her, love her, gotta have her / Everything good in your life begins and ends with her / Lose your pride while you can / Come on man be a man," he sings to end the second verse. James is begging, but the story calls for begging. This guy needs to get off his duff and catch the girl before she flies away.

"They’re gonna call her number / She’ll sit down by the window / The plane will leave the runway / And fade into a goodbye sky / You better run while you still got time / She’s cryin’ on a suitcase," he adds during a chorus that makes up for the choppy melody of each verse.

'Crying on a Suitcase' is a difficult song to get into, but there's something to be appreciated once one approaches the chorus for the first time. The song isn't going to win any Song of the Year awards, but it's a good story told with sincerity. The singer shows off his voice more than he did on the Top 25 debut single, but the song doesn't call for any guitar work.

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