Cassadee Pope's video for 'Wasting All These Tears' shows that not only is the 23-year-old a fantastic singer, she's a fine actress. Pope is able to portray the emotions of the song in a riveting way, meaning she has some acting chops or she's lived through similar pain. 

The video is beautifully shot, and follows the story line of the song precisely. Right from the beginning, the clip shows Pope in the four main locations she's shot in throughout the video: walking to her boyfriend's home, swinging in her bedroom, lying distraught on her bed with a dripping bottle of whiskey, and an amazing rain room with a swing. It quickly becomes clear that a swing is one of the main memories she has with her now ex-boyfriend.

The video flashes between Pope in emotional agony after discovering her boyfriend in bed with a beautiful blond and the pre-affair moments, which consist of her being pushed on a swing by her boyfriend and remembering the happier times of their relationship.

It's a good mix of emotional, artistic shots coupled with a clear story line, as Pope indeed walks into her boyfriend's home, only to realize he really 'didn't give a damn' about her.

Throughout the video, Pope channels her frustration, anger, sadness, and strength at the camera, making an impressive music video debut with 'Wasting All These Tears.'

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