Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert have been open about waiting on having children, but according to his co-stars on 'The Voice,' it seems like Shelton already has some necessary fatherhood skills down.

"You know what, man, I would love to see a couple of little Blakes running around,” Cee Lo Green told WetPaint.

Host Carson Daly also says it's clear that the country star is ready to be a dad, despite his public hesitation.

"Man I should show you a picture,” Daly said. “[Shelton]’s got my daughter in his hands. ['The Voice' coach] Adam Levine held my daughter [Etta Jones] with a little onesie we had that said 'Team Adam,' and I swear, Adam held her like a bomb in 'Hurt Locker,' you know? He didn’t know what to do, but Blake held Etta like he’s been practicing. So I hope.”

But it's not just Shelton's baby-holding skills that have Carson convinced he'd make an excellent father. “You see what he does, especially with his young female artists: He takes care of them on and off the air, which I think is the greatest thing that I can point to his character — or anybody’s character... it’s what they [don’t do] in the press,” Daly revealed, likely with 'The Voice' contestants like RaeLynn in mind. “The s— that they do that you don’t read about.”

“I mean God bless people that are donating to [relief efforts for Hurricane] Sandy," Daly continued, "but there are so many boldface names that are doing things that you don’t read about, and Blake’s that guy who is doing the stuff you don’t read about."

Generous, protective, kind-hearted and he knows how to hold an infant? It sounds like when and if the couple decides to have children, Shelton will be ready.

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