Chance McKinney returns with a new EP on Friday, but country fans are getting an early listen of his latest single, "Backyard," exclusively on Taste of Country. The feel-good, laid-back tune has a guy convincing his girl to skip the lines at the fancy clubs to spend the night together in their backyard.

"You say you wanna go out, but you don't wanna go out / Wanna keep it low key, low key and I say / 'I know just where to take you / We don't need no reservations, no cover, no lines tonight / String some lights up on that post'," he sings to open "Backyard."

With hand-clapped rhythms and McKinney's smooth vocals, the Montana native is convincing as he urges his lady to spend their night home together, in the comfort of their own backyard.

"'Backyard' feels like a party song, but in all actuality, it's the perfect date song," McKinney says. "It's the perfect guy, listening to the needs of his date and keeping everything in house (or in yard) on a night when she really didn't feel like hitting the town. When picking out songs for I2 we were down to our top ten to fifteen choices when this came rolling in the door."

With vivid imagery that places the couple outside, the listener can visualize the string of lights hung on a post outside and the stars lighting up the sky like their own personal disco ball as he croons:

"If the cooler's open it's an open bar / Hey babe, tonight we're going out in our own backyard."

McKinney's "Backyard" is featured on his forthcoming EP, iSquared, out Nov. 30.

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