After President Obama's election to a second term of presidency on November 6, several country artists shared their feelings (both serious and humorous) regarding the election. Now, outspoken entertainer Charlie Daniels has added his opinions into the mix.

The singer posted an open letter to President Obama on the Charlie Daniels Band's Facebook page and onwebsite. In the letter, Daniels makes seven suggestions for President Obama's second term in office.

This isn't the first time that Daniels has written an open letter to the President. In July 2012, Daniels posted an open letter in regards to a speech from President Obama which included the comments, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Read Daniels' letter to President Obama:

An Open Letter - Soapbox 11/09/12

Mr. President,

The people have spoken and, for better or worse, have elected you to the highest office in the land for another four years. I only hope you appreciate what an awesome responsibility has been placed on your shoulders and that the decisions you make can have either good or bad ramifications on the citizens of this nation for generations to come.

You have made the statement that you want to be president of all the people and if you are really telling the truth I have some suggestions.

1. Don't ever lie to us. You could start out by admitting what really happened in Benghazi, and if you are at fault, admit it and take steps to see that it never happens again. The situation was bad enough and was made much worse by your handling of it. Americans died and their families and the rest of the country deserve answers, true answers.

2. Stop bypassing Congress in an effort to get your agenda passed, stop with the executive orders and let your intentions see the light of day by going through the people's representatives the way our Constitution intended.

You were elected president, not king, not ruler and not dictator. And while you're at it, get rid of all of the czars, they didn't get voted into office.

3. If you're going to prolong the war in Afghanistan, you need to explain to We the People what the strategic and political reasons are and it the reasons are strong enough, turn the execution of the war over to professional soldiers and rescind the ridiculous rules of engagement that bind our troop's hands and get them killed by an enemy that doesn't have to abide by them.

4. Hire some competent people and stop surrounding yourself with inexperienced, Ivy League types who couldn't find their posterior with both hands in the real world. Get an attorney general who applies the law equally without regard to race and who would enforce the immigration laws so the states won't have to.

Deal with immigration, starting with the laws that are already on the books. I think you will find that immigration is one thing the Congress will be ready to deal with, providing you're willing to be sensible about it.

We need to define the law and enforce it, at this stage nobody knows the parameters and that is just not acceptable. This problem has been kicked down the road long enough.

5. Force the Democrats in the Senate to pass a budget.

6. Immediately approve the Keystone Pipeline, it will create jobs and reduce our dependence on the Middle East, encourage drilling, fracking and the harvesting of natural gas. We need the jobs and the fuel.

Put an immediate stop to your war on coal if you're really interested in creating and saving jobs because you're just putting a whole industry out of business and destroying the economy of a whole section of the country.

7. Tackle the entitlement problem because until it's solved there can be no fiscal stability in this nation.

That's just a start Mr. President, but speaking just for me, I think it would be a good start and would go a long way toward proving that you do want to be president of all the people.

I know it's an awesome task, but you asked for it. What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country.

God Bless America,

Charlie Daniels

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