If Chase Bryant had it his way, he would keep his feet on the ground at all times. The "Little Bit of You" singer isn't a fan of being high up in the air (and yes, that includes planes and ferris wheels), but he overcame that fear at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival by riding the chairlift at Hunter Mountain. "I'm afraid of heights in different ways. I don't like standing on top of a building... I've never done this before."

After a few minutes on the lift Bryant admitted, "This is pretty nerve-racking." But once taking in the view, he said, "Wow, this is absolutely beautiful."

And of course, it didn't take long for people to recognize Bryant on the way up. As other chairs passed by, fans were very giddy as they shouted out to the young star. "Y'all are way braver than me," he yelled back. Bryant says he enjoyed meeting so many people on the ride up the mountain.

"I've literally never done anything like this in my whole entire life, ever... I'm going to talk to Tim McGraw and have him make this my new stage entrance because this needs to happen. This is way too cool." Bryant, along with Billy Currington, has an opening slot on McGraw's Shotgun Rider tour.

When the lift reached the top and turned around, Tracy Lawrence took the stage and set the mood for the ride down. "This is a lot better on the way down because you catch a little breeze," Bryant explains. "You're not getting so sea sick. But we're not even in a sea, we're mountain sick. The only thing I don't like is the fact that if this took off going really fast, it would be a really big downward spiral." Even though Bryant kept his calm despite his fear, he did get a little tense when the lift stopped a few times.

While up in the air, Bryant dished about his look. Not only is the cutie known for having some of the best hair in country music, he also has quite the fashion sense. "These are Express shirts that my stylist John Murphy hand-sewed some Indian motorcycle patches on because I love Indian motorcycles. Wrangler jeans in the U.K. I like a lot, Rag & Bone boots. And of course Ray-Bans, everybody needs a pair of Ray Bans and a great watch. You're set. You gotta have a bandana, too. You always have to have a bandana in your back pocket... I can get ready and dressed in 15 minutes," he reveals.

When the lift reached the bottom, Bryant hopped off and said, "I had a blast and really got to see what Taste of Country is all about. It's the fans and the people that are here... I can't say this enough, this is really one of the best times of my life. This is really awesome."

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