Chase Bryant's "Little Bit of You" is a sweet love song about just wanting to be with that person you can't get enough of. When the 23-year-old cutie stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio, he opened up about the woman who inspired the song.

When "Little Bit of You" comes on the radio, it's hard not to sing along. The catchy tune was actually inspired by a real-life long distance relationship Bryant was in.

“This was a girl I met … The first day I was cutting my record I met her. She came into the studio with the owner of Broken Bow Records," he explains. “We kinda started talking and started dating and it’s a 3200 mile difference, or however many miles it is apart. We were always talking about ‘When is the next time we’re going to see each other? When’s this going to happen? When’s that going to happen?'”

The distance wasn't easy on the two, and time zones made it hard to even talk on the phone. That's where the song comes in.

"Little Bit of You" was inspired by a late-night text. "It was all based on that first line, ‘I hope I ain’t callin’ too late baby,’” Bryant recalls.

Luckily, he was writing with Ashley Gorley and although they thought they were finished writing, this song provided just the inspiration they needed for his second single and the rest is history.

"Little Bit of You" is on Bryant's EP, which was released in 2014 and is available on iTunes. The EP also features his first single, "Take it On Back."

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