Levi's denim is country singer Chase Martin's Wonder Woman cape. When she puts it on, there's no stopping her.

That's the message of her new Matt Stell co-written song, and it's one that translates well to video. See for yourself in this clip premiering exclusive on Taste of Country.

"We shot this video during the pandemic, so it’s just me, my Levi’s and my dance moves," Martin says. "I just love how it turned out. It’s fun, sassy and everything in between. It's everything I wanted it to be."

Abby Anderson and Alison Veltz-Cruz helped Stell write "Levi Denim," a song catchy enough to hook television star Savannah Chrisley to the point that she starred in an earlier video for the song.

"Got my Levi denim / I look so good in 'em / The way they fit me like a glove / Your eyes can't get enough / You're liking what you're seeing / Well I wore 'em for a reason / Let dancin' turn to touchin' / Your hands on my hips huggin' / Like my Levi denim," she sings at the chorus.

The Charleston, S.C.-raised Martin brings a blues-pop sound to Nashville and plenty of experience on the stage. Earlier this year she signed with Records, a record label that is an imprint of Sony Music. She's released several singles on streaming platforms, racking up hundreds of thousands of streams in a few years.

Sebastian Savino and Weston Heflin directed this video for "Levi Denim." Watch all of Martin's dance moves and denim changes in the above ToC premiere.

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