Chase Rice is gearing up for his upcoming album, 'Ignite the Night,' to drop on Aug. 19 and stopped by the Taste of Country studios to share his excitement. The singer stripped down, going acoustic on a performance of the heartfelt 'Jack Daniels and Jesus.'

Armed with only a guitar, bar stool and microphone, the 'newcomer' proved why he's such an asset to the direction of country music, playing a song which details being far away from Jesus, caught somewhere between Jack Daniels and religion.

"Only God knows where my heart is, I've got my strength and Lord knows I've got my weakness / Oh, I'm lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus," Rice sings in the honest track.

The solemn performance from the 27-year-old rising star shows a sweet, sensitive side that isn't as prevalent in his upbeat, fun songs. Rice was casual and comfy for his acoustic performance, focusing on his guitar. 'Jack Daniels' was originally featured on a six-song EP called 'Ready Set Roll,' as the bonus track. Now, Rice will unleash it on his full-length album, which will, of course, include the hot single 'Ready Set Roll,' which went Gold.

'Ignite the Night' will impact on Rice's late father's birthday, Aug. 19. Get your copy here.