The two-and-half-minute trailer for Chely Wright's documentary 'Wish Me Away,' which chronicles the singer's systematic and careful revelation that she is gay, is polarizing -- and not because of the content. We see two sides of Wright, and there are two distinct tones.

The trailer for the upcoming DVD release begins by documenting Wright's rise to country music stardom, featuring footage of her (and her ever-changing hairstyles) performing to packed houses, at awards shows and mingling with other country celebs.

Then things change from celebratory to terrifying, when Wright speaks about the night she put a gun in her mouth because she was at the end of her rope. The documentary follows Wright as she puts her plan into place to come out of the closet and finally be free. There's lots of closeup footage of Wright via video diaries, talking directly to the camera, musing over the risky move she is about to make. She cries. She struggles with frustration, but she no longer wants to hide.

She accepts that coming out could be a career-ending decision, and with it comes drama and pain. We follow her as she embarks on a press tour upon coming out and how her relatives, friends, fan, community and pastor were effected by the news.

Wright also reflects on the men she has dated, like Brad Paisley, largely regarded as one of the funniest and nicest guys in country music. She reveals she just cut him off, which "is the worst thing to do a person," and she expresses regret at how she handled herself.

Wright counts down to the big reveal -- 30 days, 20 days -- and the cameras capture it all. The trailer previews an authentic, emotional portrait and certainly makes us want to see the whole thing, which was filmed over a period of three years.

Watch Chely Wright's 'Wish Me Away' Trailer