Although rumors have been circulating all over the Internet about Cher recording a country album, the singer's label rep has just confirmed that this is not the case. Cher will be sticking to her pop roots, she'll actually be hitting the studio to record a dance album.

According to an interview conducted in January with Silk and Denim, Cher was supposedly working on a country album with Nashville producer Mark Bright. The producer said, "Cher knows that her listeners also listen to country music, so she felt it was a natural thing to develop a country music relationship."

However, Hitfix is now reporting a very different update. The website spoke with one of Cher's representatives, who stated that the country album is no more and that her new album "will be a dance-oriented album."

So will Cher ever dip her toe into the country music pool? We guess we'll just have to wait and see.