Chris Lane's "Fill Them Boots" is a breakup anthem of sorts, but there's very little pain involved. Instead, the song's story line finds Lane working hard to put a smile on the face of a recently-heartbroken girl, hoping she'll be his leading lady in a new love story.

Lane co-wrote "Fill Them Boots" with Ernest Keith Smith, Josh Miller and Mark Trussell, but he says he'd had the title kicking around as an idea long before he sat down to write the song.

"I had the idea for a long time, and I'm incredibly proud of the way it turned out," the singer says in a statement. "It makes me think of how my wife and I first met, so I hope it's a song people can easily relate to as well. I can't wait to play it live and hear y'all sing it!"

It's not the first time that Lane has drawn from personal experience for one of his singles. His recent No. 1 hit, "Big, Big Plans," documents his love story with his wife, Lauren Bushnell, and the two music videos for the song even include footage from his real-life proposal and wedding day. But unlike "Big, Big Plans" and another recent chart-topper, "I Don't Know About You," "Fill Them Boots" leans heavily into an up-tempo, party-ready swagger that could easily give Lane an extra boost at country radio as he heads into his next album cycle.

Did You Know?: Lane and his wife are expecting their first child, a baby boy, and their name choices don't necessarily always overlap. The singer recently shared a name idea he thought was "cool," only to have Lauren shoot "it down hard."

Chris Lane, "Fill Them Boots" Lyrics:

The way you're sittin' in here / Peelin' back that label on your beer / It looks like you might be fighting back tears / Aw, he must've really done it this time / I might be two-steppin' out of line / But you're too fine not to try / I just can't stand by on a night like tonight / While a pretty girl like you cries...


Girl, it's time to move on / Scoot on over / You're lookin' like you could use a brand new shoulder / Let your heartbreak take a holiday / For a song or a drink or two, anyways / I don't know him from Adam / But I'm kinda mad at him / For the way he did you / Yeah, I can fill them boots / I can fill them boots / I can fill them boots if you want me to 

You can use me to get your mind off him / Use me to buy the next coke and gin / Use me to find your smile again / Use me to find your smile again / Use me to get you from where you've been

Repeat Chorus

Baby, we can boot (boot) scoot (scoot) / Boogie 'til the break of dawn / Baby, we can get him gone / What you think about late night, turn it up / Hold you like a Dixie cup / Dancin' to your favorite song...

Repeat Chorus

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