Chris Young has released some sexy videos before, but he makes the transition to full-fledged heartthrob leading man in his "Losing Sleep" video.

Young meets up with his lover for a late-night hotel rendezvous in the video, which shows her getting ready in her room, putting on lingerie and spraying perfume as Young arrives downstairs. The couple meet up in the bar, and anticipation builds as they talk and laugh with easy intimacy. The "Losing Sleep" video employs mood lighting and soft focus to create a romantic mood of seduction as the couple finally make the journey to the room hand in hand.

The lyrics to "Losing Sleep" leave no question as to what happens then. "Fall into me / Let me breathe the air you breathe / I can take you anywhere you want to be / When it comes to us / Every single touch is something special / When we're wrapped up in those sheets / Yeah we're winning, we're losing / When we're losing sleep," Young sings in the chorus.

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Young wrote "Losing Sleep" with Josh Hoge and Chris DeStefano, and he worked with director Peter Zavadil on the "Losing Sleep" video, which they filmed at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville.

"Losing Sleep" is the title track and lead single to Young's upcoming new album, which is set for release on Oct. 20 via RCA Records Nashville. Young co-produced the album, and for the first time in his career, he participated in writing every song on the project.

Young's career success has earned him inclusion in one of country music's most sacred institutions. On Aug. 29, Vince Gill surprised him during an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry by inviting him to become the newest member of the Opry. Young's Opry induction is set to take place on Oct. 17, just three days before he releases Losing Sleep.

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