Clare Dunn is getting fancy in her newest song, "Tuxedo," and the talented singer and guitar player stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to chat about the single. It turns out it's not about a tuxedo at all, but that one man all women dream of.

“This song is about my dream guy and what, you know, I envision him to be or whatever — what I hope he is," she describes. "It came from being a farm girl in Southeast Colorado. I grew up watching and admiring and dating farm boys and cowboys."

Even though Dunn is describing a "dream guy" in the song, she's in a relationship these days. She admits that doesn't mean he's not her dream guy; he very well may be, but she "didn't know him" before writing this tune. The song doesn't just pay tribute to farm hands and men in cowboy hats, though.

"So the song isn’t just about farm boys or cowboys. It’s about any hardworking guy. No matter what you do, whether you work in a factory, you work on Wall Street, you work in a factory. If you’re that hardworking guy who's got that strength of character that all we girls are looking for. You work hard for the woman you love and the woman you love admires it.”

"Tuxedo" is one of five tracks on her EP, which is now available on iTunes. Dunn says she hopes her fans will have a full album from her out soon.

Sam Alex is the host of Taste of Country Nights radio, a syndicated night show which airs on more than 60 Townsquare Media Group stations nationwide.

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