As coronavirus continues to spread across the country, multiplatinum-selling artist Clay Walker understands that quarantine isn't the easiest thing to adjust to. He's staying as cool as he can, himself, with four kids under the age of 12 running around the house.

“Watching the kids Zoom with their teachers and talk about how they are spending their time feeding the horses and the cows and the chickens is sort of cool,” Walker says in a new interview with Taste of Country. “We are really blessed to live in the country where we can get out and have plenty of acreage to run around on. It’s the people that are cooped up in tighter spaces that I feel bad for.”

With those fans in mind, Walker is offering up a little treat on Friday (March 27) via the digital release of his 2003 album A Few Questions.

“This album was never released digitally, and I know there is a huge audience who only get their music by streaming and others who only find their new music by streaming, so it will be new to them,” says Walker of the album, which includes songs such as "What’s It to You,” “If I Could Make a Living” and “She Won’t Be Lonely Long.”

“This album was really ahead of its time in terms of its productions," he adds. "You put loops on some of this stuff and it would be ready for radio today.”

Of course, the release of the album was planned long before COVID-19 took hold of the country. But for Walker, it seems that the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“I see that its fortuitous that its coming out now,” Walker concludes. “This is probably the greatest album as a compilation that I ever made. It's got all the right elements.”

And at times of stress, there is nothing quite like music to remind you how lucky you are.

“It's great to be alive, and it's great to have our families, and all of this helps to make you appreciate them that much more,” Walker says. “I think the days we are currently living in are so different for musicians, because we spend their lives on the road. That’s our home, being on the road.

"So being at home this much is way different but I’ve seen that its been good for my kids and my wife." As he laughs, "We haven’t had one fight yet.”

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