The emotional lyrics to Clay Walker's latest single, 'Like We Never Said Goodbye,' were penned by two of Nashville's rising songwriters: Cory Batten and Tiffany Goss. The tune came about when the two friends reunited after a couple of years following a collaboration on their tune 'Down By the River,' which Brooks and Dunn cut for their 'Hillbilly Deluxe' album.

"We hadn’t really written together for about a year and a half after that, maybe," Batten tells Taste of Country. "Tiffany and I have always been really close friends. We saw each other at a restaurant, and was like, ‘Hey! It’s like we never said goodbye, hanging out together!’ We were like, 'There's our next song right there!'"

"I didn't know you were gonna be at that bar when I walked in / 'Til I walked in / I looked up, saw your face, turned around / And walked back out again / 'Til then I thought there's too much that we shared / So I made myself get a hold of myself / And walked back in and went right up to you / I could feel you were caught off guard / Neither one of us knew just what to do," they wrote in the opening lyrics.

"If he sat down next to her, what would be the next logical thing?" asks Batten.

"The only hard part that I remember I remember about this song was where to take it if he did sit down next to her," recalls Batten. "What would be the next logical thing that happens? How do you break that ice and start talking again?"

"I knew I wanted it to have a snowball effect with the story," Goss adds of the lyrics. "You see each other, and then this happens and this happens and this happens … like a snowball effect, where they’re together at the end. Like if I hadn’t of walked back in, then we would have never sat down to talk. If we hadn’t sat down to talk, we would never have had that glass of wine."

"How you been been a while, tell me how’s your mama / You said good, you can sit down if you wanna / I said, I was just thinkin’ ’bout Oklahoma / The wild roller coaster ride we had that summer / ‘Fore we knew it we were on our second glass of wine / Sittin’ there talkin’ just like, we had never said goodbye," they wrote in the song's first chorus.

"No matter where you are in your life, you always think about how it would be if you saw him again," Goss explains. "That’s always kind of a personal thing. Sometimes we get in the grocery store, and you think about what if I turned the corner and they were there. How would you react? It’s something that everyone’s thought about."

"I love this song, but I hate that moment," says Batten with a laugh.

"Well even after all that time well it clicked just like before / Maybe a little more / ‘Fore we knew it they were closin’ up the joint, yeah, stackin’ them chairs / Lockin’ them doors / I asked the waitress would she mind if we slept there and stayed for breakfast / We both laughed / You grabbed your purse, and I paid our tab / Standin’ underneath the moon," they wrote in the closing lyrics to the song.

"Clay told me after he heard it, he knew immediately that he wanted to cut it," says Goss. "He’s always told me that he’s been a big fan of the song, and he was instrumental in making sure that it was going to be a single. He said he believed in it as much as any song that he has ever recorded."