Cody Johnson's "With You I Am" is a straightforward country love song that will sit right with any married man. The ballad could be Johnson's biography, told between guitar picking and the cry of a steel guitar.

Many country fans will find themselves (or husbands) in this new single from Johnson's Gotta Be Me album. It's an honest look at his life and he comes across as a guy you'd expect to run into at church, the grocery store or soccer practice on Saturday mornings. That is to say, he couldn't sound more ordinary.

"With You I Am" is special for Johnson's vocals and a chorus that goes beyond catchy. It's a stick-to-your-ribs kind of song that is surely an anthem when he sings it live. The track is already charting on country radio charts, and with some luck, this burst of humility will go far in 2017.

Did You Know?: Johnson says all he needs to do is think about his wife if he needs inspiration for a love song.

Watch Cody Johnson's' Live Version of "On My Way to You"

Cody Johnson, "With You I Am" Lyrics:

I've never been a Cool Hand Luke / Quarterback of the winning team / Or the guy with the right kind of punchlines everybody wants to be / I never was that lucky ol' cuss with a straight flush in his hand / But with you I am.

I ain't no Patrick Swayze / My old boots never danced on air / Never walked with a swagger, looking sharp as a tack / Lit up like Times Square / Who's that guy with the big ol' smile as wide as the Rio Grande / With you I am.

Strong as an oak, but soft like leather / High as a pine and light as a feather / The same old boy but a whole lot better / Whenever you’re holding my hand / I used to poke fun at them punch-drunk lovers / Never thought I’d be that man / But with you I am.

I've always been a do it my way drifter / Another highway, another town / Never thought about that little white house with a porch all the way around / Never saw me on a swing talking sweet-talking dreams, but I'll be damn / With you I am. 

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