Cole Swindell's debut single 'Chillin' It' isn't about the words or the musicianship. It's about the vibe and the sweet groove this Georgia-raised singer lays down patiently.

In this song, Swindell is a decaf version of Florida Georgia Line. Sonically, the production is in the same spirit as 'Cruise,' but he drives a little slower. The effect is the same -- one quickly finds himself wishing he was in the front seat of a pickup truck kicking up dust along a road lined with corn fields or cattle.

"I got my shades on, top back, rollin' with the music jacked / One on the wheel, one around you baby / Sunset, I bet there's a chance we could get, sure enough, tangled up, laid back and lazy," Swindell sings to begin the chorus, which is the most important part of the song.

"Pour it on easy now, don't spill a bit / Nothin' but time tonight, let's get to killin' it / Long as I'm rockin' with you girl / You know I'm cool with just chillin' it."

Lyrically, the verses are pleasantly effective in telling a vivid (if overtold) story of a guy, a girl and the open road. "Little sun left to burn in the blue sky / Shinin' off the cross hangin' from the mirror of my ride / Breeze blowin' in, your hair blowin' 'round / You're scannin' through the stations lookin' for that country sound / The good stuff iced up in the back seat / Nowhere to go, nowhere to be," Swindell sings to begin 'Chillin' It.'

But he might as well be singing the the alphabet, because all that matters is the song's incredibly catchy chorus. The Luke Bryan protege had a hit on satellite radio before signing with Warner Music Nashville in July 2013. Like Florida Georgia Line, he proves you can "make it" without major label support -- his story is truly an inspiration for struggling musicians.

However, this new, hip-hop influenced Nashville sound lacks lyrical depth thus far. It's a sweet flavor one may grow sick of quickly without something more nourishing to follow up with. Swindell may have that in his catalog, but for now, the song suffers from the over-saturation of 'Cruise' on country radio.

3.5 Stars

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