Cole Swindell recently surprised unsuspecting travelers with an in-flight performance of his No. 1 single "You Should Be Here." In a two-minute video clip, the singer is shown taking airport selfies with fans, signing autographs and performing "You Should Be Here" thousands of feet in the air aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

"Right after I signed my record deal with Warner Brothers my dad passed away suddenly," Swindell says in the clip. "I think anybody that has ever lost anybody, not even that, I think anybody who has ever missed anybody knows what it's like to have moments where you're saying in your head, 'If they could just be here for this they would just love it.' It's like what we're doing here today. It's a 'You Should Be Here' moment. We're singing on a flight with Southwest Live at 35. It's gonna be awesome."

The song has struck a chord for many — one traveler even shared that he lost his father in 2014 and how Swindell's song has affected him. "When I first heard that song, waterworks, man. And still, every time I get the goosebumps," he says.

While Southwest customers were treated to a special performance by Swindell, some were lucky enough to get an autograph from the singer, as well as a few photos on board.

At the end of his performance of "You Should Be Here," Swindell dedicated the song to "anybody who's missing somebody this morning."

The performance comes on the heels of several album release day gigs. Recently, Swindell also performed the song at the World Trade Center. His You Should Be Here album is out now.

The Story Behind Cole Swindell's "You Should Be Here"