Corey Smith’s most memorable songs mix a funky guitar riff with feel-good lyrics and a backend message to box up and take with you. “Feet Wet,” the new single from his just-released While the Gettin' Is Good album, adds nostalgia to the brew.

Part of what makes Smith such an interesting and important artist is that he writes and records songs from the viewpoint of a 35-year-old man with wife and kids. His imagination roams, but when he reminisces he’s painting a scene anyone in a similar situation can relate to. There’s not much for teenage girls to chomp down on, although his fanbase is quite diverse.

“I got my sunglasses on / Yeah, it's all about the attitude / Like life's a long summer / And the world's just a big round swimming pool,” Smith sings to begin “Feet Wet,” a rather wordy song.

“The pavement gets hot / It's been burning my soul / So I'm sittin' on a ledge / With my legs hanging down in the watering hole.”

The chorus is classic Smith, with his annunciation as rhythmic as his guitar beat. “I could take a plunge, but hey why bother / Everything looks fuzzy when you're under water / I could hold my breath, but I ain't gettin' in over my head / I'm good right now, I'm just gettin' my feet wet.”

After the second verse he begins to think back on his childhood before eventually circling back to his place in life. The bridge adds some emotional depth, something so many similar songs on the radio lack.

“Learning to swim / It makes us brave / But the older we get / The more we sit back and let the kids make waves.”

Like with so many of his songs, one feels as if he’s plunging into Smith’s world while listening to “Feet Wet.” Smith's music is incredibly personal, which may turn those who can’t relate away. Those who can, become fans for life.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's a feel-good summer song with some depth.

Key Lyrics: "I could hold my breath, but I ain't gettin' in over my head / I'm good right now, I'm just gettin' my feet wet.

Did You Know?: Smith was the first person to take Brantley Gilbert on the road. Then just 16 years old, Gilbert says it was Smith who showed him he could make a living playing music.

Listen to Corey Smith, “Feet Wet”

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