Brad Paisley is the one known for hilarious tour shenanigans, but Darius Rucker's most recent prank on country singer Corey Smith ranks up there with the best.

While Smith was onstage Saturday (April 26) in Orange Beach, Ala., opening up for Rucker on the last night of tour, he got a little surprise. Or, rather, a rather intimidating, but very loving, surprise. As the singer performed his well-known song ‘I Love Black People,’ three shirtless and extremely ripped African American men walked out from backstage (one drove up on a motorcycle), and just stood next to Smith as he continued to play.

He looked bewildered, but all of a sudden, it turned into a hug fest with lots of laughter as they wrapped their arms around his shoulders and grooved to the music.The three intimidating-looking figures were Rucker's crew, including his security guard.

"What the hell?" exclaimed Smith at the end of the song, adding with a laugh, "That was not planned. They said to watch out on the last night of the tour and I guess I know what they're talking about."

Smith wasn't the only one who got pranked, as fellow openers Eli Young Band had a little fun with tossing mullets while onstage.

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