It's not surprising to find plenty of acts from Georgia and Florida in this contest to decide the Best Song of Summer 2015. Both members of Florida Georgia Line hail from beachside states, as does Corey Smith. Their songs are meant for summer, not just songs that sound good between June and September.

FGL's "Sun Daze" is one of a number of summer songs the band has released in the last three years. It was chosen for this competition because it's the best of the bunch. That whistle and that lazy feeling Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley sing about defines a perfect August afternoon.

Smith's "Feet Wet" does, too. The summer tune sprinkles in a little nostalgia — it may be one built for a man slightly older than FGL's target audience. The acoustic country rambler is served best with a cold drink and some sunblock smeared on bare shoulders. “I could hold my breath, but I ain’t gettin’ in over my head / I’m good right now, I’m just gettin’ my feet wet," Smith sings. We can get down with that.

Just 16 songs made this competition, and after this week, only eight will remain. Find all the matchups here, and then decide who you want to win. Vote once every hour until the Round 1 poll closes at 11:59PM CT on July 21, 2015. The ultimate winner will be named on August 12.

The winner of this matchup will face either Brad Paisley or Zac Brown Band.

Songs of Summer East Round 1
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