The video-sharing social networking app TikTok used to be for a young, teenage crowd. But thanks to the coronavirus quarantine, the popularity of TikTok has spiked across all generations, which has meant an explosion of entertaining videos.

With tour buses parked and concerts canceled, artists like Keith Urban, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan have made use of new talents over on TikTok. They’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and so have many of their country music buddies.

They’re playing their music, recreating popular TikTok dances, choreographing their own dances to their songs and giving us a glimpse into their lives during quarantine.

We’ve ranked ten of our favorite country megastars who are now TikTok veterans. Who's your favorite?

10 Country Artists You Need to Follow on TikTok:

10. Ingrid Andress
Want to hear great cover songs? Ingrid is your girl. Her profile is full of videos of her singing in her apartment. Talk about your very own intimate concert!

9. Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan's TikTok page has all of the things you love about Luke Bryan, like pranks on his wife, Caroline, and his attempt to learn popular dances with family friends CB3.

8. Luke Combs
Are you itching to see Luke Combs perform live? Well, his TikTok is the next best thing, because he loves to perform there. Of course, you'll also get the occasional video of him fishing or with his fiancé, Nicole, but for the most part it's a great place for country music.

7. Riley Green
Riley Green has you covered if you need more puppies in your TikTok feed. His page highlights adorable footage of his new puppy, along with behind-the-scenes videos of his life on tour.

6. Kane Brown
Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, have become quite good at TikTok popular dances. If you’re needing to see which new routines are breaking and trending, these two probably have them mastered already.

5. Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert's TikTok is a one-stop shop for videos of her shirtless husband, Brendan McLoughlin. Of course, we didn't put her at No. 5 just for those. Nope, she scored her spot due to her hysterical creativity in naming her chickens and this resulting video:

4. Carrie Underwood
Underwood is killing it with the app's popular dances, but she isn’t on this list because of her boogie. She lands at No. 4 for her videos that take us into her daily life happenings, because where else can you get that kind of quality content?!

3. Kelsea Ballerini
Kelsea Ballerini is so #relatable. During coronavirus quarantine, she has been expertly documenting her time while home. It really home when we watched her mix working out with comfort food.

2. Russell Dickerson
Russell's louder-than-life personality has us cracking up at his videos. From showing off his workouts with household items, to creating a washing hands jingle with wife Kailey, Russell Dickerson’s TikTok content is just high-energy greatness.

1. Walker Hayes
Why is Walker Hayes our all-time favorite TikTok follow? Not only does he get all six of his kids involved in his videos, he also creates original dances to his songs! We think Hayes has found his best self on this app.

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