Some are sexy, more than a few are silly and one is just plain dangerous. Country stars like Carrie Underwood and Jake Owen regularly use Twitter and Instagram to connect with fans, bringing them into their daily lives in a new and creative ways. Whether it's Scotty McCreery getting ready for makeup, Luke Bryan flashing his bass, or Tim McGraw just being Tim McGraw, you'll agree that these stars are worth keeping an eye on.

"I see you!" Maybe Taylor Swift ate the other half of her pair of donut glasses, but really a frosted monocle is soo much cooler. Mr. Peanut ain't got nothin' on you, Tay Tay.

Hopefully, someone else was driving as Jake Owen fiddled with his phone with only one good eye. Owen is prone to injury as it is -- he doesn't need help.

Sorry, fellas, it's just a neck-up shot of Mrs. Fisher in this selfie, taken along some gorgeous beach during a summer vacation. Underwood looks pretty dang fine with wind-whipped, salt-water-drenched hair, eh?

'Don't Ya' singer Brett Eldredge looks like he's thinking that if he falls asleep, Freddie is going to come after him. Chill out, bud, the boogie man doesn't like road trips.

Is Gloriana's Rachel Reinert is traveling somewhere, or auditioning for some independent film about a teenage girl who embarks on a cross-country adventure to discover who she is?

Luke Bryan proves he's a big bass man, taking this quasi-selfie of two fine catches. Rumor has it those are female fish that just jumped into the boat when Bryan started shaking his hips on the lake.

#SHDC = Short hair, don't care. Well, CNN cares, so they had a woman on site to make sure Scotty McCreery looked his best before a television appearance. Makeup is the worst part of the job for male stars.

Whoa! You're freaking us out, Jason Aldean! Although, having natural night vision would probably be a pretty nice asset while hunting.

Not many men look better in a t-shirt and jeans than the super-toned Tim McGraw. Here, he's just chillin', checking some messages or maybe the score of the LSU football game before he begins a chat with some fans.

While fans are still waiting for Hillary's first selfie with Baby Antebellum, pictures of her with Baker and Hobbs have more than fed the need for something adorable. Let's just say little Eisele has her work cut out for her in the cuteness department.

"Yup, this is what I get to do every night!" That's not really what Keith Urban said with this Instagram photo, but it sorta seems like it, huh? Who can blame him?

Some country stars like to drink and play guitar, others like to light fireworks on their tour bus. Let's just hope Jana Kramer stopped at sparklers.

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