Up-and-coming country singer Cody Comer didn't have any idea when he posted a video of himself serenading his 2-week-old daughter to sleep, he would gain more than 60 million views.

Comer shared a video on March 13 that shows his new baby daughter, Carrigan, laying atop of his guitar, asleep, while he sings and plays.

"My wife asked me to see if I could get our daughter to take a nap today because her and the ladies were busy doing something so we took a nap daddy's way!!! And it works every time!!" he wrote upon posting.

The Missouri native was shocked that the video gained so much attention. This new way to lull Carrigan to sleep happened by accident, Komer tells KFVS.

"I was sitting in here picking the guitar ... and she [his wife] asked me if I’d put her to sleep and I didn’t really want to stop playing guitar, so I just eased her up on the guitar and started playing and she just went to sleep," he explains.

“It's just crazy how much people love babies, and how fast it happened, all of it. I think that’s just the crazy part of us is how viral it went and how quickly it all happened," the singer's wife and the mother of the baby, Chandra Comer, admits.

Daddy would sing to Chandra's belly while she was pregnant with Carrigan, and it seems she remembers.

Since the video went viral, Comer has shared a few of covers to his Facebook and YouTube pages. But even with the recent attention, Comer hasn't lost sight of what truly matters. “Every time I look at her, I can’t get over how much God has blessed us," he says.

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