Most country fans behave themselves when they go to see their favorite singer perform live, no matter how excited they may be. But every once in a while, a rogue fan goes wild and gets a little too close to their favorite star, forcing the artist to stop playing and handle the situation.

Those rowdy fans are the reason we've put together this public service announcement, showing what happens when you ignore what mama taught you and try to rush the stage. Do not try this at shows.

Whether it’s a crazed Tim McGraw lover attempting to cop a feel (Faith Hill will put a stop to that) or an Aaron Lewis fan who decides to challenge the artist's behind-the-yellow-line policy, some folks learned the hard way why it's important to stay put during a show. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean even had to jointly address a likely-intoxicated fan trying to scale a railing to get a little closer, being contained by security.

“Look at me, brother … just chill out!” Bryan exclaimed before laughing at the absurd situation.

After all, country stars are people, too, and people don’t like to be hit in the face by full cans of beer that have been foisted onstage. So next time you’re at a concert, keep your drinks (and hands) to yourself and try to stay behind the yellow line, for everyone’s sake.

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