While it would seem likely that, with the invention of the camera phone, more shocking moments in country music would be captured today than ever before, none of the items on this list are the result of modern stars behaving badly in private. Only one has a paparazzi feel to it -- and that occurred over 30 years ago. This Most Shocking Moments in Country Music History list includes items that were mostly captured on national television. 

Five of the ten jaw-dropping happenings come from award shows, with two others taking place in front of large television or theater audiences. It won't surprise many to find Natalie Maines and the Dixie Chicks on this list -- twice, actually. Stars like Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift and Shania Twain seem less likely to be found, yet there they are. Click the big orange button below to read about the most shocking moments in country music history.

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