Reba McEntire has released a new video for her dramatic new song, "Somehow You Do." Will she head up the most popular videos in country music this week? We're about to find out.

The uplifting song serves as the theme song for the new Glenn Close movie, Four Good Days, and McEntire intermingles footage from the film with dramatic shots of her singing the song in the mountains in her new video.

McEntire is facing massive competition this week. There are new videos out from Home Free, Lauren Mascitti, Keith Urban, Teddy Robb, Chase Bryant, Payton Smith, Rich O'Toole and Ashlie Amber this week, and they are all looking for fan support.

Which video has your vote this week?

Home Free and Lauren Mascitti are once again sitting at No. 1 and No. 2 this week, and both of their videos will retire from consideration as their new titles come up for votes. Casi Joy makes a splashy debut at No. 3 after intense voting, and we should see some real movemet in the countdown this coming week with so many new titles.

Taste of Country lets our loyal readers decide the countdown each week, so get to voting, and make sure to vote for your favorites as often as you can! Check back for the results next Friday, when a new crop of videos will come up for votes.

Due to an update, the voting poll looks different than it used to. When you vote now, you need to scroll up afterward to see the captcha. Once you verify yourself, your vote will be counted as usual. 

Note: Fans can vote for one video, once every hour until the poll closes next Friday at 12PM ET. The weekly Top 10 will be revealed immediately after the poll closes. Videos are retired after six months, or when fans lose interest or when an artist releases a new video for a current single.

  • 10

    "Famous Friends"

    Chris Young and Kane Brown
  • 9

    "One Too Many"

    Keith Urban With Pink
  • 8

    "Witness Protection"

    Jim Stanard
  • 7

    "It's a Beautiful Day"

    Sacred Cowboys
  • 6

    "Minimum Wage"

    Blake Shelton
  • 5

    "Hard Way To Go"

    Jimmy Charles
  • 4

    "This Town"

    Sam Grow
  • 3

    "The Money"

    Casi Joy
  • 2

    "Losing My Mind"

    Lauren Mascitti
  • 1

    "American Pie"

    Home Free Feat. Don McLean

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