Cancer unfortunately touches almost everyone in some way, whether it’s through a loved one, a friend, or personally. Musicians are no exception. Many have battled the disease themselves, or watched someone close to them walk through it, so they know how important it is to stand up against cancer.

Jo Dee Messina and Lari White are among the country singers to publicly share their cancer battles in recent years. With this list, we are commemorating those in the country music community who have had to engage this terrible disease. According to, as of 2013, approximately 7.6 million people are dying from cancer annually, but as more people join the fight and support research efforts, we get one step closer to finding a cure.

The gallery above features many members of the country music family who have fought the disease or have loved ones who have. Click through to read their stories.

These Country Stars Have Battled Cancer

So many of country music's biggest stars have battled cancer. Sadly some lost that battle. Here is a list of some of the country artists who've fought the disease.

Country Singers Who've Been Affected by Cancer

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