Everything old is new again, or so goes the old saying. And in the case of some of our favorite country stars from years and decades past, it's absolutely true in 2020.

Our picks for country singers who have reignited the public's imagination this year include a '90s trailblazer who is finding that his influence on the younger generation of country musicians has put him back in high demand in 2020. There's also a singer-songwriter who was already well-respected who has suddenly signed a new deal with a huge major label, putting him unexpectedly in the spotlight this year.

One of country music's true icons is back this year with a new record deal and a new song that's a perfect reflection of the times, while another of the genre's biggest names has become someone we turn to collectively in these crazy times. And one of country music's most controversial artists is hot again in 2020 after announcing a new album and tour.

We've rounded up these artists as part of Taste of Country's annual Hot List, which lets readers know which artists are movers and shakers in country music each year. Read on to see which country artists are hot again in 2020.

Country Stars Who Are Hot Again in 2020:

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