We’re excited for the Nashville Predators' success in the playoffs. Really, we are. But the cherry on top of it all is the slew of country stars who have turned up to sing the National Anthem at the games!

These singers didn’t want to miss a chance to support their home team, especially in such a high-profile race to the top, so each artist who was asked seemed to jump at the chance to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Beginning with Carrie Underwood — of course, married to Preds star Mike Fisher and therefore their No. 1 fan — the parade of celebs stepping onto the ice has been impressive. Lady Antebellum, Vince Gill and his daughters, Little Big Town and even Aussie native Keith Urban, who’d never been asked to sing the National Anthem before (what!) and called it one of the greatest honors of his life.

Kelly Clarkson took the mic in a Preds jersey most recently on May 18, and of course killed it. Who's next? We can’t wait to see. Check out the video above to hear more about our country stars supporting their town’s team on the road to victory.

Underwood has been at many of the games (if not all of them), occasionally jamming out in the box seats to instrumental organ versions of her songs in between plays. She might as well sleep at the arena at this point, considering she also appeared on stage at the New Kids on the Block concert on May 17.

The Nashville Predators face off against the Anaheim Ducks again on Saturday (May 20).

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