Craig Wayne Boyd used Monday night's 'The Voice' Finals to debut a new song called 'My Baby's Got a Smile on Her Face,' which was gifted to him by coach Blake Shelton.

Shelton told the hopeful he'd been "carrying it around" in his back pocket for several years, not knowing what to do with it. He found the song's purpose -- and its rightful owner -- in Boyd. The country star couldn't rave about the song enough, calling it "fun" and sexy."

Shelton admitted he didn't record the song himself because of how difficult it actually is to sing. Boyd didn't care -- he said it was a "huge honor" that his coach let him have it -- it shows off their growing bond.

'The Voice' contestant performed the song live, and he dressed up for the occasion, even sporting a jacket. With guitar in hand, he sang confidently, while Shelton looked on proudly. At the conclusion, all of the coaches had positive things to say.

“Welcome to your future,” Pharrell Williams told Boyd, congratulating him on the tune, which is now on iTunes. Gwen Stefani predicted that he should get a nanny, as he could be touring soon.

“I haven’t been that nervous about a performance on this show maybe ever. Maybe since I’ve been doing this as a coach,” Boyd's proud coach said. “That song was meant for you. It found its way to you."

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