Ready for a weird story? George Boedecker -- the 51-year-old co-founder of Crocs, the foamy sandal/outdoor shoe hybrid that people love to hate -- was recently picked up in Colorado on suspicion of driving drunk. But rather than own up to his mistakes and accept responsibility, he blamed his 'girlfriend'.... 22-year-old Taylor Swift.

According to Gawker, Boedecker was arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving when he was found passed out in his Porsche. When Boulder, Colo. police woke him up to question him, the CEO tried to pin the blame on country music's sweetheart.

The police report notes that Boedecker said that his 'girlfriend' Swift was in the driver's seat of his car, but she ran off when the two had a fight. When an officer asked where she went, the Crocs co-founder pointed to a random yard and said "Nashville." Of course nobody was buying that story, and Boedecker continued to get more frustrated with police for not believing his lies. Eventually, the CEO landed himself in jail for using some seriously foul language with the arresting officers.

As for why Boedecker thought it would be a good idea to blame Swift for his drunk driving incident, that's anyone's guess -- he's probably asking himself the same question right about now. As for the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' hitmaker, she's probably either in Massachusetts working on the closing of her newest house or readying the release of her 2012 new album, 'Red.' Either way, she's way too busy to deal with Boedecker's allegations.

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