Hunter Hayes wants to win the 2012 ACM Awards New Artist of the Year honor so bad that the singer and his digital promotion team recruited a quartet of super cute kittens to aid him in his quest and to emotionally blackmail you into voting. They're preying on your inability to ignore rampant cuteness.

One cream-colored feline is sandwiched in between three gray kitties. They are yawning and nuzzling, and are as precious as can be. You'll want to carry them around in your pocket and cuddle with them once you get a load of the video below.

The straightforward voiceover sublimely asks for your vote by using the kittens to try and achieve that goal without ever being overt.

Hayes isn’t the only country artist who has resorted to employing adorable animals to help curry favor with fans and corral votes. Jason Aldean's stuffed bulldog and Taylor Swift's cat were also tasked with helping the superstars campaign for votes.

Can we get a collective "Aww?"

If the kittens have inspired you to throw or two a vote at Hunter Hayes for 2012 ACM New Artist of the Year, you can vote daily until Sunday, April 1.

Watch Hunter Hayes Cute Kittens Video